PosterPrint 2.6 - multipage printing

Using PosterPrint - Step by Step

After the program has been installed, a virtual printer named PosterPrint will appear in the system printer list.

  1. Open any Windows application (e.g. Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer) and load a document that needs large printing.

  2. Under the File menu of that application, click Print and select PosterPrint in the list of installed printers. Then click OK to start printing.

  3. Now, you should see the main PosterPrint window with the preview of the created page in 100% size. Then, select the physical printer in the program toolbar that will be used to print the document on paper.

  4. Using the zoom controls set the desired size of the project. PosterPrint will automatically calculate the layout and the number of sheets for the selected zoom.

  5. If you don't need to print the entire documeent, use the Trim margins feature.

  6. If the Glue margins feature is turned on, the right and bottom sides of each printed sheet will have a margin to glue a connecting page. This could simplify the sheets linkage.

  7. Now set the number of copies to print and click the Print button in the toolbar. Your poster will be printed on several sheets of paper exactly as it was seen on the preview panel.