Back2Life 2.8.2 for TC

On-Line Registration

The only limitation of unregistered version of Back2Life for TC is a nag screen. Please use program to test and to recover as many files as you need. But if it helped you to save important data, please honestly consider registering.

Each new version comes with a new key, and all registered users can get a free update key by contacting Customer Support.

Back2Life for TC costs $10 US. You may also choose to pay with one of many other currences in a number of available payment options.

Buy now - Please follow the link to proceed with secure on-line registration. This service uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to transfer your data securely. The encryption is certified by VeriSign.

Buy Now!

If you have questions about orders, payments, delivery, or if you have already ordered software and would like to view data relating to your order, please visit our Customer Care Center.

The Software will be registered with your full name. As soon as payment is received, you will be e-mailed the registration key that will give you the full function of a registered copy.