Back2Life 2.9 Recovery


To start scanning, click one of the buttons in Drive bar to select a disk. Then select and check appropriate scan options and click Start or press Enter.

Program will start scanning the disk, displaying the current scanning folder and number of erased files discovered. If it is necessary to interrupt scanning, press Stop here button.

Using the Scan Filter you may force Back2Life to scan for a specific file or group of files by name, size, dates, attributes or contents.

When scanning is complete, you may locate the file of interest by the filename using Find and Find Next toolbar buttons.

By selecting the file or folder of interest and clicking Properties, it is possible to see all file (folder) information, such as dates, attributes, start cluster, cluster-use map and more. For crosslinks you may choose to click a "Follow crosslink" button to jump to a target file(folder).

To recover file(s) or folder with files select them and click Recover button. It is recommended to experiment with different recovery options until you successfully recover your data.