VirtualFiles 0.9.1 - organize your data

Use virtual copies of your files!

VirtualFiles software helps you organize your existing pictures, videos, music files, documents and most other computer files into categories that make sense to you!

Most mainstream applications have default data file locations that don't conform or easily adapt to your personal needs for organizing files. VirtualFiles can help you overcome this easily. VirtualFiles lets you create and manage virtual folders, named for your categories or collections. Then VirtualFiles lets you store a virtual copy of any file on your system in one or more of your virtual folders.

For example, you can organize your images according to place or time or event or person. Similarly, the same music or movie file can be added to different virtual collections, each named for the author, year, genre or theme, but without being physically duplicated. You save disk storage space and get maximum flexibility and control!

These collections look and act like normal folders with files, so managing them is easy and familiar. They can be browsed, searched, renamed, deleted, copied or opened by Windows Explorer or any other file manager or associated application. All virtual files are read-only, so renaming or deleting them will not affect the original data.

Creating a virtual copy of a file is this easy: using the RIGHT mouse button, drag and drop an existing file (or a group of files) to the appropriate virtual folder. When you release the mouse button, select "Create shortcuts" from the popup menu - and the rest will be done by VirtualFiles.

Behind the Scene

Here is how VirtualFiles gives you organizational control while saving your valuable disk space: VirtualFiles is a database, where each virtual file or folder is a very small database record. When you open, play or copy virtual files, all data read requests are simply redirected to the original files.

After installing the software, a special drive named "VirtualFiles" will be added to your system. Using Widows Explorer or any other file manager, create your collections (virtual folders) there, fill them with virtual copies of your files, and enjoy the benefits of having your files organized according to your own needs.

More personalized organizational control, less used disk space, all this and more: VirtualFiles is completely free!

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7 and up, 32 and 64 bit
Required disk space: 2 Meg.