DriverExtractor 3.1

Device Drivers Recovery and Extraction

For a proper operation of any computer device (like modem, printer, video or sound card), the device driver must be installed. A device driver is a set of system files, developed by a device manufacturer. Many drivers, such as the keyboard driver, come with the operating system. These drivers are installed automatically during Windows setup or when a device is plugged in. For other devices, you may need to load a new driver from a device setup CD.

At device driver installation, driver files are copied from a specified location to system folders and get integrated into Windows. DriverExtractor can "reverse" the installation process by searching for all device driver files, retrieving them from Windows system folders and coping into a specified location.

Basically, DriverExtractor recovers a driver and creates a driver files folder, which can be later used to install this driver back into the system.

It has saved us hours everyday. Previously our guys spent at least an hour for every PC that came through painstakingly looking for drivers, across six guys and fifty computers a day that's over fifty man hours a day which equates to real money saved!

Rick Combs
Chief Information Officer
EC Development, LLC

Why using DriverExtractor?

  • When original device driver media (usually CD) is lost, corrupted, unreadable or otherwise inaccessible, DriverExtractor can extract driver files directly from Windows to replace the missing installation media.
  • When a brand new desktop or laptop is purchased, it may come with only one complete setup CD that installs Windows, devices drivers and many other software and utilities which you may not like or need. DriverExtractor can extract all driver files from the preinstalled system, enabling you to reinstall Windows yourself with a custom set of software and settings.
  • When a computer uses many devices that require driver installation each from their own media, it makes setup a long and painful procedure. DriverExtractor can help creating one setup folder (or setup CD) for all devices used for the computer.
  • When a specific device is no longer supported by the manufacturer or drivers can not be found on the Web, but device is still working on someone's computer - DriverExtractor can the make device working on your computer as well.
  • When there's a need to move any plug-n-play devices from one computer to another, DriverExtractor will extract all needed driver files for a fast and convenient installation.
  • When you update multiple computers DriverExtractor is a must-have utility.
  • DriverExtractor can be also useful in any other cases when there's a need to separate device drivers from other software installations or retrieve drivers from a working Windows system.

How to use DriverExtractor

DriverExtractor is really simple to use. It looks similar to Windows Device Manager and provides fast access to all installed devices. The search and extraction of device drivers is performed with just a few mouse clicks. Command line interface for batch recovery is also available. To see DriverExtractor at work, simply download and give it a try.

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and up, 32 and 64 bit.
Required disk space: 600K
Demo version limitation: one extraction per program start, three per Windows session.


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